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#Don't hesitate to contact us, to explore together the field of possibilities.

" Creative source of inspiration "

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" Originality and creativity, tailor-made "

Renovation and interior design with zest


The warmth of wood or minimalist lightness of glass ?
The originality of pattern or sobriety of plain colours ?

Made In Lavérune creates multidimensional spaces,
mixing styles and materials to invent unique workplace
atmospheres perfectly suited to your personality
and tailor-made living areas, just for you.

# Spaces
# Volumes
# Outdoor
# Office space

Studio 3.0 creates tomorrow’s living environment


Space, volume, ideas for trends and style for living or working environments :
With a minimum of information our team will design a 3D plan of the project.
Made In Lavérune interior design studio will then put forward
a decoration project proposal, along with a list of materials
and required quantities…

All our projects are available at distance. A 3D 2.0 studio for your project ? Studio 3.0 !

# Order a 3D plan.

I wanted


to learn again


how to touch,


breath in the atmosphere


and feel the energy


of materials

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" Dressing living areas,

enhancement through volume "


Our obsession: designing interiors, creating atmosphere, revitalising space…
With permanent dedication to detail, quality and originality, our team creates
interior design projects : floors, walls and ceilings are enhanced
in the most beautiful way possible.

# Covering surfaces


Giving depth or volume to the living environment and seeing the world in 3D. Furnishings, lighting, accessories, sanitary fittings, cupboards… stylish, pragmatic interior design to create a functional and aesthetic environment
in perfect harmony with your lifestyle.

# Creating volume

Taking time out… a breath of fresh air : feeling the sun’s warmth without the burn, carefree enjoyment of the rain and a soft, caressing breeze on your skin … Designing the ideal outdoor environment…terraces, gardens and balconies…with warmth and relaxation in mind, generating a myriad of intense moments in our everyday life.

# A breath of fresh air

Staggering surfaces, thousands of square meters, impressive shelf-space… and constant attention to detail, quality and originality. Professional advice for workplace and office design with full ranges of materials for floors, walls and furnishings in XXL quantities! Project design in line with the constraints of a professional lifestyle.
Welcome to our Pro Centre !

# Welcome to our Pro Centre



of depth


and nuances,


little by little


my personality


is freed of


former constraints.

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"News. The latest articles "

Design – KIASMO

Kiasmo, c’est quoi ? C’est qui ?   Kiasmo c’est l’histoire d’une rencontre informelle, entre des personnes visiblement très différentes : un artiste, un ingénieur, et un entrepreneur. Trois …

Focus – Flavia Del Pra, la star Brésilienne du design

Flavia del Pra & la céramique   Qui est-elle? Elle a étudié la céramique et la création textile en Angleterre. De 2005 à  2008, à  Londres, elle a partagé …

Parution – PARIS MATCH

Richard Made in Laverune   Plus qu’un métier… ! Une culture, une véritable passion animent Magali Richard, élevée dans l’amour de la céramique et dont Roger Capron était le …

Focus – Paola Navone, la diva du design

Paola Navone & le béton   Qui est-elle? Née en 1950, l’architecte et designeuse italienne Paola Navone est une voyageuse. Elle se forme à l’Ecole Polytechnique de Turin d’où …

Parution – DECOR&SENS

Couleurs & Matières   Salle de bain, cuisine, sol ou terrasse, l’entreprise Richard Carrelages a un savoir faire que la maîtresse des lieux, Magali Richard, perpétue avec talent. Ici, …

Parution – DECOR&SENS

Nos secrets dévoilés…   Magali Richard, femme d’expérience et de passion, sait faire évoluer son métier en fonction des mutations des modes de vie. Elle aime sortir des sentiers …


Richard Carrelages : Un autre regard !   Fille de fabricants de carreaux de ciment et de granito, tombée dans une marmite de barbotine à la naissance, Magali Richard a …


Richard Carrelages – “MADE IN LAVERUNE”   La réputation de Richard Carrelages en a fait la première adresse de la région pour habiller des plus beaux carrelages son habitat. Décorateurs …

Welcome !

Bienvenue sur le nouveau site internet de Richard Carrelages Made in Lavérune. Retrouvez d’ici peu sur ce site internet toutes les dernières tendances référencées par Richard Carrelage, pour habiller votre …

New web site

Bienvenue sur le nouveau site internet de Richard Carrelages Made in Lavérune. Retrouvez d’ici peu sur ce site internet toutes les dernières tendances référencées par Richard Carrelage, pour habiller …

Mutina awarded !

EDIDA 2016 Numi “Best Wall Covering” ! We are happy to announce that Mutina has been awarded as winner of #EDIDA2016 in the Wall Covering category for Numi by Konstantin …

It suddenly


seemed obvious,


I would move


into my bathroom.

Tell us about your project ?


Do you ever dream about having an extravagantly styled room? Offbeat? Impossible?
Tell us about your dreams, goals, projects, in just a few words…
We’ll find the ideas!

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    Sujet / Subject


    Visit our showroom at Lavérune - Montpellier

    Our showroom is a treasure trove of ideas. 15 bathrooms of different styles to inspire and stimulate the imagination !

    Hundreds of references, furnishings, ceramics, lamps, sanitary fittings … a showroom, an exhibition hall… a museum.

    Richard Carrelages - Made In Lavérune
    6 Rue du Gua
    Lavérune - Montpellier Métropole
    +33 4 67 27 47 44
    Monday to friday - 9h/12h - 14h/18h - By appointment only.